Ways to Paint Your Ceiling

If your ceiling paint is a various color from the wall paint, quick-release painter's tape needs to be put along the line where the wall satisfies the ceiling. This will make sure a tidy and expert looking line in between the 2 various colors.

- Cutting-In the Ceiling

Cut-in lines are locations in the ceiling along the edges of the walls, along with the trim or crown molding, around lights that cannot be eliminated and in tight corners that require additional attention. Cutting-in essentially implies that you are painting around the border of the space initially, before moving inward to the ceiling. Use the smaller sized hand paintbrush and make little strokes on the ceiling from the wall to the center of the space, in an inward movement. This method will make sure that your lines are tidy and clear. Nevertheless, if your walls are of the very same color, less attention should be offered when painting the ceiling.

- Painting the Ceiling

If the cut-in lines are still fresh, you might start to coat the remainder of the ceiling initially. Make sure that there suffices paint in the paint tray before you start. Start by dipping the roller in the deep part of the tray, then rolling it backward and forward on the shallower part to eliminate any excess paint.

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A faster way to Paint The Ceiling!