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For more than 50 years, art-tech-plafond-tendu.com (now including Airtite Radiant which has operated for 25 years) has provided architects, building owners and contractors with industry-renowned service for its reliable line of standard and custom metal ceiling systems. Our products, which are made in the USA, are largely constructed of recycled, environmentally friendly materials, which are accepted back by us for recycling. The innovative design, strength and quality of our work enhance many of the world’s most prominent structures.

Employing the use of 3-dimensional software our designers can deliver solutions to architects and developers on virtually every corner of the globe. These are individual designs made to suit the client’s needs, where our design process offers a most unique benefit to customers.

As a team, we consider our accomplishments to be the beginning of a vision that extends well into the 21st century. To help us continually build upon our vision, we’ve designed a 53,000 square foot facility that combines our proven success with state of the art methodology.

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